lunes, 22 de noviembre de 2010

POST 9 - “Self Evaluation of My Academic Years of English”

Hello, finally I am finishing this process of English learning at the university - I hope it goes well! and this finally be the end jiji- and today, I am going to talk about self evaluation of my academics years, in special this half of the year 2010. In this essay, I will describe the most important events in my academic half and I will try to do an evaluation of all this.

For me, The acadamic year is not easy, began with my professional practic, that has been a challenge. Also I have class of post-graduate. Therefore, this year has been so dificult. Actually, all years in the university has been very complicated to me. And english has been more hard (v – v), because I don´t know nathing about english, but my friends help me (^ v ^)... The best of everything I´m in the end of the year. Anyway, I like the ways to learn english, this form to teach is better in the university than college, because is more enjoy and interactive.

This year the english more dificult to me, because I left this class for a long time. But the good thing is that I change of class english and my new teacher is very nice and do the class more fun and interactive, and my classmates are always obligings with me and help me so much.
During this process sometimes I feel that I will not able to do it. Nevertheless, I know that I must trust in my capacities in order to achieve my goals.

POST 8 - When is a good film? And When is a bad film?

Hi my friends. Today I´m going to talk about my likes of films.

For me, a film is good when It have a good story, and the most important thing to me is that the movie have something to learn... and the actors, of course (1313). They need to show their character so well, for make that the story of the movie be more interesting. Also, a movie must to have a good stages, is not very important the special effects, for example: “beautyful life” and “the pianist”.

For last, the end of the film is the most important. I like the happy endings, because if a movie end bad I will be disturbed.

I recomend to you “Up”, “Alice in Wonderland” by Tim Burton, “Inception”, “The Ultimatte Gift”. Also I like movies of childrens like: “Walle”, “Ice Age”, “Shreck”, “How to Train your Dragon”… and the romantic stories “ What Dreams May Come”, “Pride and Prejudice”, “27 wedings”, “the wedings of my best friend”, “amelie”, “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind”, “koizora” and “five centimeters per second”, this last two are japanese movies. I hope really like!!!.

Honestly, I think that a movie is bad when is so ridiculous that don´t make me laught or when the movie is so bored that make me feel tired or change the channel or put off the tv.

I hate the war movies, where the story is all blood and all is fight. In this movies there is nathing to learn for our life. For example: “rocky”, “depredador”, “alien versus depredador”, “iron man”. And the terror movies that have a lot of blood too, like “chucky”, “saw”, “hostal”, “the valentin day”, “jason”, “Hallowen”, etc, etc... Also the stupid movies that we supposed that are terror films but are ridiculous and dumms, like “murder tomatoes”, “murder bees”, and a lot more.

And the others movies that I don´t like are the films the end of the world, I hate it because are pessimist, depresive, and have pour story. Between this films we can find “the day after tomorrow”, “2012”, “the day of world stop”.

POST 7 - How Green are You?

I like recycling very much, because I consider It very important to help to the planet and I believe in everday fights. But we haven`t to believe that is the fight, because the big company is that to dirty carbon footprint to the planet.

How I help the planet?... I always use public transportation, because I do not have other means (:p), but I think it's better for the environment and to me for the cost (^ v ^)... I bought a bicycle to go to work on it, because I is nearby. But still not learned to walk on main streets (v – v)...

All my electronics things use rechargeable batteries. Almost all bulbs in my house are energy saving. I always see and follow these tips to "energy saving", for example: Turn off unneeded lights, I cover the pots to boil before, I use sunlight instead of artificial daytime, I seek not to use sprays, etc...

I would like have a solar generator or solar panels… I think we have the obligation to use the “clean energy” like wind and solar, the only problem is that they are more expensive. But when I work I hope to buy (:p).

POST 6 - Article from the Guardian

I selected the article “Hungary toxic sludge heading towards the Danube”, because I considered very interesting that we ask for relation about it to take place in Hungary and to ocurred in Chile.

In this last time Chile have live different Nature catastrophe, how: the eruption volcano “Chaitén” and just in February in this age to take place two earthquake at the same time, that to cause seaquake in different place of country.

This is interesting for my career but the people in this situations It is cant very affect, this situations to name “Trauma”, to characterize It`s break in live, what it tells us one affected by this disaster <<"I'm waiting to finally be able to return to my house, but I don't think I'll ever move back here," an affected resident, Balazs Holczer, 35, told Reuters. "My wife and my son were trapped inside the house during the spill. She put him on top of a cabinet, and she was seriously burned from the waist down ... they are both in hospital, my son is still in a shock. He says he doesn't ever want to come back because he feels safe in the hospital.">>. We can see how all you have, now do not count on it. In these moment of great uncertainty, the support and assistance is very important for people to live this mourning. This is where psychologists can help, at the community level to those affected, not individualizing the problem, so this may arise.

Ash cloud Chaitén Volcano, June 25.

POST 5 - The Cinema

I love the movies… not all movies, of course. But there are movies that have fascinated me, because this movies teach me something about the life.

I go to the cinema when a movie have special effects or when the movie is 3D, because the cinema is too expensive to me. Therefore, I never rent a movie, I prefer watch the movies in internet or at the tv in my house.

The last movie I watched in the cinema was “Inception”, is a very good and interesting film. It have great special effects and you cant stop watching the screen and the end is sorprising. It make you think in it. In this movie you can see the conections between your dreams and the real world, when your thoughts built a real where you catch and when the time is relative.

One of my favorites movies is “Click” with Adam Sandler, because is very nice, It have funny and sad parts. This film show us the important of live the moment for this not come back and the dear people is more important than the money. I watch this movie three times.

I love Adam Sandler, is very good actor, I like his movies like 50 First Dates, Bedtime Stories, Mr Deeds, for example. I recomend to you watch this movies.

POST 4 - What to do? where to go in Santiago?

Are you a tourist or a traveller in Santiago?... Do you like to know what to do and where to go in Santiago?... I help you…

But before, the first that I must tell you something, for me Santiago is a city very distint to other cities of Chile. In this place, the world walk too fast!, therefore, "you live quickly!": "you walk quickly", "you feel quickly","you eat quickly", "you study quickly". Maybe, I am exaggerating... I admit that I am a few stressed, and that in this moment, only I would like to have a few of peace!!...

Well, What to do and where to go in Santiago?
First, you should to go to "La Moneda”. It is the government palace that you will can easily recognize it, because it is a big building ubicated in the centre of Santiago city. In this place, you can walk trough Patio de los Naranjos or to visit "Centro Cultural La Moneda", where you will can see different exhibition of recognized artist as Violeta Parra! and watch national and international documentarys or films.

Then, If you have hungry, you should visit the popular Central Market you have that to eat the chilean food -as cazuelas, pastel de choclo and empanadas- and in "La Piojera" to drink our delicious beer and wine!!.

If you like to climb, I recomend to go to “Santa Lucía” Hill and “San Cristobal” Hill: “Santa Lucía” Hill because it is a historic place and it has a beatiful view of Santiago; and “San Cristobal” Hill, because it is the most big hill in Santiago and it has an abundant vegetation. Moreover, if you want to do sport you can to rise the hill on foot or you can use the famous teleféricos, it is a great experience!!.

If you enjoy with the art... you can visit the National Museum “Bellas Artes” ubicated in the known “Parque Forestal”, where you will can see expositions of important artists.

viernes, 8 de octubre de 2010

POST 3 - The Music

Hi Classmates... Today I have write about of Music...
I actual love music. For me the music is of universal languague. All people in the world the music transmit things according to your melody, for this reason is use in all the cultur and in all times. The music is things that marc a period. All epoc have a music that the disting like rock and roll in the 70, disc music in the 85, soul in the 90, techno and electronic music in 95, etc...

The music in my life is very important, with it I remember diferents moments in my live and help me conect with my emotions. I like all typs music, I listen clasic music, folclor music, rock and even metal, with all music I feel things. Sometime, I sorprise because have music I don´t like, but I learn in a moment and connect with my thinks and feel, in this moment this song obtain heartfelt.
For Leonard Da Vinci the music is language of love, hi write “Amore sol la mi fa, remirare la sol mi fa sollecita”, to mean: “only the love make remember me, only the love wake me up”.

One singer that I like and I discover not a long ago is Elisa Toffoli, she sing in Italian, English and Español. I discover for this video, This is the sing that more I like, the sing is “one step away” and remember me to preserve always the hope, love with all heart and fight for this love.

One step away
from all I want
and I know it's all here

afraid to move
afraid to choose
afraid of my own fear

of times when I may not be strong
places were I may not belong

but I hold on
to this feeling
that stands above all feelings
tellin' me not to let go

and I live on
this feeling
the greatest of all feelings
tellin' me not to grow cold

please help me get through
and let me in you

Elisa Toffoli

miércoles, 22 de septiembre de 2010

POST 2 - A Country You´d Like to Visit

A country I have always wanted to visit is Tibet, but that history, because Tibet no exists like country in our times, because the Tibet was invided for China in 1949, for this reazon in 1959 the current Dalai Lama - your spiritual and political leader- scaped for request of your people to India. Since these hapen China prohibeted the Tibet cultur.

What I would like to know is about its culture, for this I have go in the pass. I have to try studding its culture, but my look is tinted by the culture occidental, because I have been inserted in it since I was born. But, I hope that if I´m in this place or I can know the monk tibetans, I will beable toknow its culture better.

Also Tibet is a very beautiful place, as I have seen in a documentary on TV. Tibet have wanderfull and varied place, for this reason It have great vegetation and fauna too.

I would also like to visit Europe because of its cathedrals, especially of the Gothic period. Which I have always liked its aesthetics, it elongated shape that tends to sky, its stained glass which gives it a mystical in end all the symbolism represented in its aesthetic...

jueves, 2 de septiembre de 2010

POST 1 - Good and bad points of First Term of 2010

To begin with, I need to tell you that this year is very important for me, because it is my last year at the university; I get my degree in Psychology and I will graduate in December of my post-graduate. As you can imagine, this has been a long process, therefore, this is not anyyear!. I am going through several changes right now; I am feeling very nervous, sad and happy at the same time, because is the last year that been with my friends and now I join in the work world for this reason I´m nervous. For this in the following essay, I will talk about those events have happened in this First term academic year and I will try to reflect on what I am feeling now.

For me, The acadamic year 2010 began the day that we had to choose profesional practic, that is, “in our holidays”. The choice of make my practic is a very complicated process, because you must be secure about yourself, in order to know in which area you would like to work; and then, to wait for a selection system. For me, it was not easy, due to the fact that I did not know in which area I wanted to focus on. Therefore, I went to talk about my situation with my favorite teacher, who is an educational psychologist. She helped me a lot, as you can see, my area is related to educational psychology and the other is clinic ps ychologic, the that of equal form I see in the school. Also this year chose my area in that make my post-graduate. Therefore, this year for me is not eassy.

Finally I chose make my professional practic in a center of San Bernardo, that se ocupa of the school this place. The professionals this Center working in the school the convivencia and mediacion. And I`m make my post-graduate in educational psychology too.

In conclusion, I can say that this first term year I have learned so much about the smooth running of the school and the educational system, in my post-graduate as in the professional practic. On the other hand, I have learned so much in my practic abaut Education Consultant, this is our work, because we were working on two projects for two state school. In these place, we made a course about interpersonal relationships, with teachers and students.