viernes, 8 de octubre de 2010

POST 3 - The Music

Hi Classmates... Today I have write about of Music...
I actual love music. For me the music is of universal languague. All people in the world the music transmit things according to your melody, for this reason is use in all the cultur and in all times. The music is things that marc a period. All epoc have a music that the disting like rock and roll in the 70, disc music in the 85, soul in the 90, techno and electronic music in 95, etc...

The music in my life is very important, with it I remember diferents moments in my live and help me conect with my emotions. I like all typs music, I listen clasic music, folclor music, rock and even metal, with all music I feel things. Sometime, I sorprise because have music I don´t like, but I learn in a moment and connect with my thinks and feel, in this moment this song obtain heartfelt.
For Leonard Da Vinci the music is language of love, hi write “Amore sol la mi fa, remirare la sol mi fa sollecita”, to mean: “only the love make remember me, only the love wake me up”.

One singer that I like and I discover not a long ago is Elisa Toffoli, she sing in Italian, English and Español. I discover for this video, This is the sing that more I like, the sing is “one step away” and remember me to preserve always the hope, love with all heart and fight for this love.

One step away
from all I want
and I know it's all here

afraid to move
afraid to choose
afraid of my own fear

of times when I may not be strong
places were I may not belong

but I hold on
to this feeling
that stands above all feelings
tellin' me not to let go

and I live on
this feeling
the greatest of all feelings
tellin' me not to grow cold

please help me get through
and let me in you

Elisa Toffoli