martes, 14 de junio de 2011

Self Evaluation of My Academic Years of English

Hello, finally I am finishing this process of English learning at the university - I hope it goes well!!! and this is finally the post be the end - and today, I am going to talk about self evaluation of my academics years, in special this half of the year 2011.

To begin with, I need to tell you that this year is very important for me, because it is my last year at the university; I will graduate in December and get my degree in Psychology. I am feeling very nervous, sad and happy at the same time; since I am going through several changes right now. As you can imagine, this has been a long process!. In this academic any I have subjects that I should (english and dance), a subjects of post-graduate and my memory... Therefore, this year has been so dificult. Actually, all years in the university has been very complicated to me. And english has been more hard (v – v), because I don´t know nathing about english, but my friends help me (^ v ^) During this process sometimes I feel that I will not able to do it. Nevertheless, I know that I must trust in my capacities in order to achieve my goals.... The best of everything I´m in the end of the english... for end!!!... Anyway, I like the ways to learn english, this form to teach is better in the university than college, because is more enjoy and interactive.