lunes, 30 de enero de 2012

2012: End of the World?

For my own knowledge about Mayas prophecy not speak about end of the world, but about the end of to era, where there will be  bigger changes in world and in spiritual of the people, which will bring more aware. But about this other era which begins little we know.

I have very much respect to ancient civilizations and its wisdom, because is other form of view the world, and learn of It. And this form of connect whit world in ancient civilizations I think is more harmony with nature, thing which makes us much needed. Because the world in general is us house, with animal, vegetations and us brothers, if us would prejudice any of them we harm ourselves in the long time. For this reason I think that ancient wisdom, is to wisdom of to time more wisdom.

I agree with Mayas in the need which people, individual and collectively, take more aware, ecological and with yours form of life; with all system based on fear, on which our civilization is based; see the need to reorganize the company and continue on the path of evolution that will lead us to understand the co-creation. And give way new form of relationship in harmony with world and universe.

But I don`t think which this step is so close, I think which people haven`t this grate of ware. And a long time before this is. However, as Maya said bigger disasters caused bigger changes.

 In general I like very much this Maya conception and I would to like which humanity change to evolution.

lunes, 23 de enero de 2012

How Green am I?

I try being a green person. I like recycling very much, because I consider which is very important to help to the planet, and I believe in everyday fights.

I consider very important learn about environmentally friendly practices. I think which practices that learn from little, in your home, school and watching TV, since this practices is habits, for example turn off the light that does not occupy.

 But we haven`t to believe that is the fight, because the big company is that to dirty carbon footprint to the planet.

How I help the planet?... I always use public transportation, because I do not have other means, but I think it's better for the environment and to me for the cost... I bought a bicycle to go to nearby. But still not learned to walk on main streets...

All my electronics things use rechargeable batteries. Almost all bulbs in my house are energy saving. I always see and follow these tips to "energy saving", for example: Turn off unneeded lights, I cover the pots to boil before, I use sunlight instead of artificial daytime, I seek not to use sprays, etc...

I would like have a solar generator or solar panels… I think we have the obligation to use the “clean energy” like wind and solar, the only problem is that they are more expensive. But when I work I hope to buy.

Also I have rabbit how pet, is incredible pet because besides is very beautiful and tender, is a big recycler, It eat waste for me, how shells of the vegetables, stale bread, and others. For the which I needn´t throw them and I take care its waste how fertilizer that my plants. 

lunes, 16 de enero de 2012

The Sense of Life

I think all people ask about the sense of life ever in your live our the to search ever form... For me is try enjoy every moment, but without harming others, but isn´t that I not feed inh the future, is try deal and not worry our repent, the that was, was for something, and something learn have in your self now.
I think have dreams and goals that guided in a way yours actions, but also I think that must be flexible in this, giving tiemp and not forcing, all have your tiemp, and if must be, will.

Also for me is very important learn, good I think the live is learns, I like very much lern too. I know for the learn not is necessarily studie, but equal I think that if you like one topic our you have doubts is good go to books our others sources of infomations, because help you to learn.  

Is how the phrase of Carpediem “live every day how if was the last day of your live, and estudy how you have a eternal live”. This for me the sense of life, together with in this way to go help others to go learn and enjoy the live how they help you your self, because I think that is together that grow, never only. 

lunes, 9 de enero de 2012

The Power of Literature

In “the guardian”, I find the interesting article about the books, “Love to read? Read to love” in this web city

The majority of the people when find help to resolutions is improving your romantic life and If find some inspiration in the books, came the self-help shelves. But the Literary classics will give you better relationship advice than any self-help book, says Maura Kelly. Because the insights of the literary greats ring true, generation after generation. Look closely at just about any work of fiction that has proven itself over time, and you'll find plenty of insight into the problems that have plagued daters throughout history, and still bedevil them today.

This form Maura Kelly exhibit for example the novel “Light in August” by William Faulkner in that the poor girl, protagonist , serves as a reminder that none of us should bend over backwards, making excuses for people who aren't treating us right.

Similarly, in “Sense and Sensibility”, of Jane Austen shown who that the simplest explanation is generally the most plausible for more that hurts the heart. If a romantic interest has you guessing too much of the time, or you're always agonizing over when you'll hear from him next, it's best to save your energies, and move on. 

And with others examples, in all novel caning us see how with they can us learn about the love and the different persons and behaviors. In the love never as easy as it sounds, of course. But reading can help you better understand who you are, who you want to be with, and is happening to you.

lunes, 2 de enero de 2012

Where do monsters live?

I woke up that morning feeling really strange. I didn't know exactly what it was, but my heart felt that this day something was going to happen, not sure what else but it was something that had been brewing for some time.

For some time we had me moved to the house of my grandfathers. In this house living strange beings, of different colors and characters, some great others little’s, some hairy others not. Was appearing in the most unexpected places.

In the first I only see, but before they began speek with me.

I speaked to my family about this beings, but nothing I thought… Until that day, that following the call of this creaturs I fell through a passage that was in the grass and nobody has heard of my, from this time.

My family have sought me but the door close and can not leave until they comply with what I have brought up here