miércoles, 22 de septiembre de 2010

POST 2 - A Country You´d Like to Visit

A country I have always wanted to visit is Tibet, but that history, because Tibet no exists like country in our times, because the Tibet was invided for China in 1949, for this reazon in 1959 the current Dalai Lama - your spiritual and political leader- scaped for request of your people to India. Since these hapen China prohibeted the Tibet cultur.

What I would like to know is about its culture, for this I have go in the pass. I have to try studding its culture, but my look is tinted by the culture occidental, because I have been inserted in it since I was born. But, I hope that if I´m in this place or I can know the monk tibetans, I will beable toknow its culture better.

Also Tibet is a very beautiful place, as I have seen in a documentary on TV. Tibet have wanderfull and varied place, for this reason It have great vegetation and fauna too.

I would also like to visit Europe because of its cathedrals, especially of the Gothic period. Which I have always liked its aesthetics, it elongated shape that tends to sky, its stained glass which gives it a mystical in end all the symbolism represented in its aesthetic...

jueves, 2 de septiembre de 2010

POST 1 - Good and bad points of First Term of 2010

To begin with, I need to tell you that this year is very important for me, because it is my last year at the university; I get my degree in Psychology and I will graduate in December of my post-graduate. As you can imagine, this has been a long process, therefore, this is not anyyear!. I am going through several changes right now; I am feeling very nervous, sad and happy at the same time, because is the last year that been with my friends and now I join in the work world for this reason I´m nervous. For this in the following essay, I will talk about those events have happened in this First term academic year and I will try to reflect on what I am feeling now.

For me, The acadamic year 2010 began the day that we had to choose profesional practic, that is, “in our holidays”. The choice of make my practic is a very complicated process, because you must be secure about yourself, in order to know in which area you would like to work; and then, to wait for a selection system. For me, it was not easy, due to the fact that I did not know in which area I wanted to focus on. Therefore, I went to talk about my situation with my favorite teacher, who is an educational psychologist. She helped me a lot, as you can see, my area is related to educational psychology and the other is clinic ps ychologic, the that of equal form I see in the school. Also this year chose my area in that make my post-graduate. Therefore, this year for me is not eassy.

Finally I chose make my professional practic in a center of San Bernardo, that se ocupa of the school this place. The professionals this Center working in the school the convivencia and mediacion. And I`m make my post-graduate in educational psychology too.

In conclusion, I can say that this first term year I have learned so much about the smooth running of the school and the educational system, in my post-graduate as in the professional practic. On the other hand, I have learned so much in my practic abaut Education Consultant, this is our work, because we were working on two projects for two state school. In these place, we made a course about interpersonal relationships, with teachers and students.