lunes, 19 de diciembre de 2011

What is love?

In this last time I listen, in different parts, that love is capitalisms because in the study about capitalism, this is associated with private property in monogamy, because the monogamy arises that ensure the transmission of heredity. Also happens that "We love what we consider our property", so says the sings of Alberto Cortez “El Callejero”. This notion of “consider our property”, is the cause of violence inside relationships, that coming even to femicide. People for this reason consider love, in its traditional form, as capitalism.

            I don´t think that love to a person solely or the compromise that join whit to a person for love, I refer monogamy, is necessarily capitalism. I really think is that capitalism is very insert in the society, and love can’t escape very much time, really is very difficult achieve escape to capitalism in all field in live.

            I think in this attempt for escape to “capitalist love”, people have chosen “free love”. I think this trends is getting is more and more frequent. But, I don’t think that “free love” is the solution, because saw the love as a disposable thing. 

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