lunes, 30 de enero de 2012

2012: End of the World?

For my own knowledge about Mayas prophecy not speak about end of the world, but about the end of to era, where there will be  bigger changes in world and in spiritual of the people, which will bring more aware. But about this other era which begins little we know.

I have very much respect to ancient civilizations and its wisdom, because is other form of view the world, and learn of It. And this form of connect whit world in ancient civilizations I think is more harmony with nature, thing which makes us much needed. Because the world in general is us house, with animal, vegetations and us brothers, if us would prejudice any of them we harm ourselves in the long time. For this reason I think that ancient wisdom, is to wisdom of to time more wisdom.

I agree with Mayas in the need which people, individual and collectively, take more aware, ecological and with yours form of life; with all system based on fear, on which our civilization is based; see the need to reorganize the company and continue on the path of evolution that will lead us to understand the co-creation. And give way new form of relationship in harmony with world and universe.

But I don`t think which this step is so close, I think which people haven`t this grate of ware. And a long time before this is. However, as Maya said bigger disasters caused bigger changes.

 In general I like very much this Maya conception and I would to like which humanity change to evolution.

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  1. I think that those "natural changes" will be in the future too, but those changes are not now.