lunes, 23 de enero de 2012

How Green am I?

I try being a green person. I like recycling very much, because I consider which is very important to help to the planet, and I believe in everyday fights.

I consider very important learn about environmentally friendly practices. I think which practices that learn from little, in your home, school and watching TV, since this practices is habits, for example turn off the light that does not occupy.

 But we haven`t to believe that is the fight, because the big company is that to dirty carbon footprint to the planet.

How I help the planet?... I always use public transportation, because I do not have other means, but I think it's better for the environment and to me for the cost... I bought a bicycle to go to nearby. But still not learned to walk on main streets...

All my electronics things use rechargeable batteries. Almost all bulbs in my house are energy saving. I always see and follow these tips to "energy saving", for example: Turn off unneeded lights, I cover the pots to boil before, I use sunlight instead of artificial daytime, I seek not to use sprays, etc...

I would like have a solar generator or solar panels… I think we have the obligation to use the “clean energy” like wind and solar, the only problem is that they are more expensive. But when I work I hope to buy.

Also I have rabbit how pet, is incredible pet because besides is very beautiful and tender, is a big recycler, It eat waste for me, how shells of the vegetables, stale bread, and others. For the which I needn´t throw them and I take care its waste how fertilizer that my plants. 

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  1. The topic of "clean energies" is very important. It would be so wonderful if all of us could to gain access to this things... Althogh I think that the use of solar energy must be an obligation, at least for the big companies or for the malls... The human beings are totally out of focus, and they are wasting our most precious resources... It's so sad...