lunes, 16 de enero de 2012

The Sense of Life

I think all people ask about the sense of life ever in your live our the to search ever form... For me is try enjoy every moment, but without harming others, but isn´t that I not feed inh the future, is try deal and not worry our repent, the that was, was for something, and something learn have in your self now.
I think have dreams and goals that guided in a way yours actions, but also I think that must be flexible in this, giving tiemp and not forcing, all have your tiemp, and if must be, will.

Also for me is very important learn, good I think the live is learns, I like very much lern too. I know for the learn not is necessarily studie, but equal I think that if you like one topic our you have doubts is good go to books our others sources of infomations, because help you to learn.  

Is how the phrase of Carpediem “live every day how if was the last day of your live, and estudy how you have a eternal live”. This for me the sense of life, together with in this way to go help others to go learn and enjoy the live how they help you your self, because I think that is together that grow, never only. 

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